Working to provide alternative transportation options for IUPUI

The transportation sector is responsible for 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions, yet our cities are structured around vehicular arteries clogged with traffic either at standstill or speeds dangerous to pedestrians and bikers.  Reducing vehicle miles traveled is integral to abating climate change.  Luckily, urban campuses like IUPUI have plenty of sustainable transportation options available that are healthier, more affordable, and have a smaller environmental footprint.  

A pedestrian-friendly campus

Though it appears large, IUPUI is easy to walk.  Most students attend all their classes within a two-block radius, making getting to classes quick.  Plus, when the weather doesn’t cooperate, many of our buildings are connected by walkways to keep you dry.

To help you get around, IUPUI has a variety of maps.  The primary campus map offers you a number of ways to search. You can find specific buildings and see street-view pictures of where you’re going.

Check out the interactive IUPUI campus map

Mass Transit

Campus shuttle: JagLine

IUPUI's shuttle system - JagLine - provides a free and efficient way to get around campus.  Running Monday-Friday, there are five routes connecting campus.  Shuttles are equipped with wi-fi, low boarding ramps for easy access, and bike racks for the bicycle enthusiast.  Shuttles can be tracked in real-time with the JagLine app or online.


IndyGo, the city-wide bus system, connects IUPUI to all of Indianapolis with multiple bus stops on Michigan Street, and the nearest Red Line stop is at Vermont and Capitol.  Students can purchase a discounted unlimited monthly bus pass for only $30. Non-student rates are $60/month.


Carpool program

IUPUI Parking and Transportation offers a carpool pass to employees who live outside a 3 mile radius of campus.  Each carpool member pays half the rate of an EM permit and receives 10 one-day EM passes for days they need to commute individually. For more carpool resources or to find carpoolers near you, check out Commuter Connect.

Electric Scooters

Indianapolis is home to a handful of electric scooter rideshares, including Bird and Lime.  Scooters provide an alternative to driving a vehicle and are fun to ride. Be sure to read and understand the rules of the road and how to stay safe. Riders are asked to park scooters near bike racks so as not to block sidewalks and building entrances.

Sustainable transportation initiatives are gaining traction worldwide, and our strategic vision is to follow that paradigm and invest more in sustainable, transportation alternatives that help students, faculty, staff and visitors access all areas of campus and at the same time reducing congestion and our impact on the environment.

Sheri Eggleton, Director of IUPUI Parking and Transportation Services