Green Events Certification

Host an event that leaves a positive impact

From small departmental meetings to large-scale campus and community gatherings, IUPUI hosts hundreds of events throughout the year. Though seemingly harmless, events can have substantial social and environmental impacts that extend far beyond our campus community. By implementing sustainable practices at these events, no matter the size, you can help reduce our waste, conserve resources, and set an example across campus.

IUPUI Sustainability is proud to launch a new initiative to help event organizers plan on-campus events and meetings that will reduce our collective carbon footprint. The following green events and catering guides are intended to assist students, faculty, staff, and even community members, in employing sustainable practices at their next meeting or event. 

IUPUI Green Events Certification Program

The Green Event Certification was created to recognize the voluntary efforts of event and meeting organizers in minimizing the environmental impact generated by events of all sizes. If you have adopted sustainable practices in planning your event, this certification will help you demonstrate your organization's investment and commitment to sustainability.

You can reach certification in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Incorporate Sustainability

Step 2: Complete and Submit the Application

Step 3: Promote your Achievement

Step 1: Incorporate Sustainability

Early on in the planning process, review the Green Event and Catering Guide to identify every sustainable practice that can be incorporated. Carefully review the certification application to ensure that you are meeting all required actions and at least the minimum required actions for each planning category to guarantee your event will be eligible for certification. 

Step 2: Complete and Submit the Application

Download the PDF application to view instructions and requirements, then decide which sustainable practices your event has met or will be meeting. Once you're ready, fill out and submit the form below to apply for certification at least one week prior to your event. 

Step 3: Promote your Achievement

Let folks know about your achievement! Add the IUPUI Sustainable Events seal to your marketing materials and share the efforts you are making with your attendees. It is a great way of demonstrating your organization's commitment to sustainability and promoting the use of sustainable practices across campus. 

Certified Green Events
Jan. 2020University Library Org WeekLibrary Green Team
Feb. 2020Turning Down for Winning WattsEnergy Intern, IUPUI Sustainability
Oct. 2021OIA Staff RetreatIUPUI Office of International Affairs
Dec. 2021IUPUI Registrar Annual TrainingIUPUI Registrar
Dec. 2021Sustainability Holiday PartyIUPUI Sustainability
Feb. 2022IUPUI International FestivalIUPUI Office of International Affairs
April 2022ICMH Annual RetreatICMH Sustainability Committee
May 2022University Library Org DayLibrary Green Team
June 2022IMPRS T35 Summer ProgramMedicine-Pulm
July 2022Annual Staff Council RetreatStaff Council
Aug 2022ICMH Journal ClubICMH Green Team
WeeklyICMH Data MeetingsICMH Green Team
Aug 2022PULM Research RefreshPULM Division
Sept 2022September SocialInternational Peer Mentoring Program

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