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The IUPUI Office of Sustainability strives to model wise stewardship of environmental resources across an array of campus decisions and activities. Guided by the goals of "conservation, protection, and enhancement of natural resources," the Office of Sustainability seeks to advance green initiatives through collaboration with administrators, educators, stakeholders, and constituents within the IUPUI community. The interdependence of humans and the environment is emphasized through committee work, course curriculum, and civic engagement each of which addresses specific aspects of practicing sustainability in both the present and future.

IUPUI Sustainability Leadership


"As stewards of  the IUPUI campus and of all its resources, we recognize the interdependence of humans with the environment.  We must apply thoughtful and creative planning to achieve a thriving campus community built on the principles of sustainability.  We must foster conservation, protection and enhancement of natural resources through campus policy and personal behavior.  We must promote a common agenda for IUPUI as a green campus.  We must preserve and enhance the quality of life for our campus community and future generations in ways that enhance teaching and learning, research, civic engagement and administrative practices."

IUPUI Sustainability Leadership Structure


* See how student's are making a difference at IUPUI A Sustainable Future at IUPUI

* See how you can help improve Recycling at IUPUI and learn more about a recent          Dumpster Dive held on campus.

Dero FIXIT Bike Maintenace Station

* 3 Dero Fixit Bike Maintenance Stations have been installed on the IUPUI campus! 

The stations are located at:

- The School of Public and Environmental Affairs breezeway, south end

- Campus Center, by the bike racks at the south side of the building

- The east side of Hine Hall

Thanks to the SSC (Student Sustainability Council) proposal supporting their "Year of the Bike" theme and funded by a 2013 Greening IUPUI Grant Award

Bring your own IUPUI Water Bottleand use at over 30 Water Filling Station Campus Locations

* IUPUI affirms a commitment to Energy Conservation, Effective July 1, 2013 is the IUPUI Campus Policy, Conservation of Energy
* Wheels with no strings attached! 
  • Zipcar® is here at IUPUI for all students, faculty and staff who are at least 18 years old. Zipcar is car-sharing, an alternative to bringing a car to school, that gives members 24/7 access to vehicles parked on campus. Low hourly and daily rates include gas, insurance, and 180 miles per day to go wherever you want to go. Members can reserve cars online or with a smart phone for as little as an hour or up to four days. This semester, enjoy all the freedom of owning a car without any of the hassle.
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