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The Easy Way to Do Your Part

IUPUI (including the Chancellor and Jawz) recycles, and we make it simple to do so. You'll find mixed recycling collection containers throughout campus, allowing you to make responsible choices when you're done with your water bottle, office paper, cardboard box, and more. If you're not sure if you can recycle a particular item see our Recycling Fun Facts. Other helpful sites are Indiana Recycling Coalition, ToxDrop and RecycleForce.

See what happens to the mixed recycling materials as they are sorted and recovered at a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).

By recycling your waste instead of trashing it, you'll:

  • protect the campus and community environment
  • reduce manufacturing pollution
  • improve air and water quality
  • lower energy and water usage

Room for Improvement

The Office of Sustainability works to improve campus recycling. We are now implementing Mixed Recycling across campus. Mixed recycling allows users to conveniently place all of their recyclable items such as newspaper, cardboard, mixed paper, magazines, aluminum, paperboard, and plastic in one recycling bin.  The recyclables are sorted later at Ray's Trash Service MRF recycling center.

Watch this video about a Dumpster Dive held on campus that signifies the opportunities we have for improving our recycling results.

Can I Recycle That?

There are some definite do's and dont's when it comes to IUPUI recycling. If you live on campus, check out the campus housing recycling guidelines flier for a quick reference, or follow these single-stream guidelines to be safe:


White office paper, color paper, newspaper, magazines, soft books, junk mail, brown paper bagsā€”if you can rip it, recycle it!

Nonrecyclable paper includes:

  • Tissue and paper towels
  • Wax cartons and wax paper
  • Food-soiled paper


You can recycle clean, dry cardboard boxes that have been broken down and bundled. Pizza boxes are OK as long as they don't contain food scraps.

Aluminum and Steel Cans

Throw empty soda cans, soup cans, and more in the recycle bin. Just rinse first and be sure to put the lids inside the cans.

Plastic Containers

Simply check the number on the empty container, and recycle anything labeled 1 through 7 (such as water bottles, medicine bottles, and plastic cleaning product bottles).

Nonrecyclable plastic includes:

  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic flower pots
  • Plastic oil containers (motor oil, cooking oil)
  • Clear dome covers from take-out food trays


Any electrical or electronic technology product that is unneeded, obsolete or broken.

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Where Can I Recycle?

On Campus: 

  • In any of the Blue Recycling Bins

Off Campus:

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