Energy Challenge

The Energy Challenge

The Energy Challenge is an annual initiative to reduce energy consumption campus-wide. To spice things up, individual buildings will compete for who can reduce their energy usage the most through simple behavior modifications. The winners of the challenge will earn a celebration party, their name will be listed in the Energy Challenge banner permanently hanging in the Campus Center – and most importantly, the rewarding feeling of knowing they reduced their carbon footprint the most! 

This year’s Energy Challenge will take place November 1 - 21, 2021. This year will feature new buildings that have never competed in the Energy Challenge! The competing buildings are: 

  • University Tower
  • North Hall
  • University Library
  • Business / SPEA

Energy Saving Tips

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator if you are able.
    • Follow the green paw prints during the Energy Challenge to find them on every floor
  • Only use ADA door buttons when needed.
  • Use the revolving door instead of the side doors at University Library.
  • Air dry your hands after washing them in the restroom.
  • Turn off computer monitors when not in use.
  • Unplug electronics and charging cords when not in use to avoid ‘phantom energy.’
    • A quarter of all residential energy consumption is used on devices that are idling (NRDC)
  • If you have windows in your office, use natural light instead of artificial.
  • Avoid using space heaters. Not only do they use energy, but they also create imbalance in a building’s HVAC system, causing the building to run cooler than it should.
  • If you have a desk lamp, switch to LED bulbs.
  • Set your computer to go to sleep after 15 minutes of not being used.
  • Turn off lights when exiting a room.
  • Submit a help ticket to CFS if you notice wasted energy on campus.
  • If you live in a residence hall, wash your clothes with cold water to reduce energy, as well as extend the life of your clothing.

Take the Pledge to Reduce your Energy Consumption

Join the challenge, from campus or home, and take the Energy Reduction Pledge today! 

Take the Pledge

2021 Energy Reduction Stats

This live dashboard features up-to-date energy results from the 2021 Energy Challenge. This data demonstrates each building's energy savings, by comparing current usage to a baseline determined by each building's historical energy consumption during this same time. Calculating energy savings this way ensures that each building only competes against itself, making for an apples to apples comparison.

Description of the video:

My name is Dylan Patterson.
I am the energy intern with
the IUPUI Office of Sustainability.
And I'm here to talk about
the first IUPUI Energy Challenge.
And that is a challenge among the
buildings here on campus to reduce their
energy use based on behavior
change of the people that live and
work in those buildings.
So that can be done by turning off
lights when you leave the room,
turning off the water
when you're not using it,
using full loads of laundry
rather than half loads.
The overall goal of the challenge is
to reduce energy use of IUPUI's campus
through behavior change.
And we'd like you to do your part and
reduce your use, and try and
make IUPUI a more sustainable community.

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