Energy Challenge

The Energy Challenge

The inaugural 2018 Energy Challenge stirred up a friendly competition between the residents of Ball Hall, Tower, and North Hall, challenging them to reduce their daily energy usage through individual behavior change. Students pledged to take small actions like turning off lights, taking the stairs, and using natural daylight.

From October 22 through November 12, 2018, the residence halls managed to save 38,408.8 KWh! The ultimate victor, Ball Hall, hosted a zero-waste ceremony where they celebrated their accomplishment and received a pennant to hang in their building. 

Ball Hall was the first to have their name embroidered on the Energy Challenge banner, a NCAA-style banner hanging in the Campus Center. This banner will be added to every year with each new winner.

COMING SOON: The 2019 Energy Challenge will be back and bigger than ever. Taking place September 30 - October 18, 2019, the challenge will expand to new buildings, igniting competition among the entire campus community. Stay tuned for further details. 

Description of the video:

My name is Dylan Patterson.
I am the energy intern with
the IUPUI Office of Sustainability.
And I'm here to talk about
the first IUPUI Energy Challenge.
And that is a challenge among the
buildings here on campus to reduce their
energy use based on behavior
change of the people that live and
work in those buildings.
So that can be done by turning off
lights when you leave the room,
turning off the water
when you're not using it,
using full loads of laundry
rather than half loads.
The overall goal of the challenge is
to reduce energy use of IUPUI's campus
through behavior change.
And we'd like you to do your part and
reduce your use, and try and
make IUPUI a more sustainable community.

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